Web Presence

In this assignment, you are going to explore the concept of web presence as it applies to your career path and personal life.

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  1. Read the articles from the instructor’s Raindrop.io bookmarks on web presence. You may want to supplement these articles with additional resources you have located.
  2. Create a blog post titled “Web Presence.” Address the following questions as they apply to your own personal interests and professional life:
    • What is your own definition of “web presence?” You should make references to definitions that you find in the readings, but please develop your definition from a personal perspective.
    • How does your digital footprint relate to or affect your web presence? Let’s define “digital footprint” as those intentional or unintentional traces that you leave behind when you visit web pages, search for information, post on Facebook, tweet, shop online, or engage in similar activities.
    • How should we address the topic of web presence with your student constituency (K-12 or post-secondary students)?
    • How do the issues of privacy, intellectual property, and copyright play into an individual’s web presence?
    • Can you effectively manage your web presence? Can you maintain both a private and a public web presence? Is it necessary to separate your public and private web presence?
    • How might your employer’s interests or policies affect your personal web presence?
  3. Include a works cited section at the end of your post with references to the sources that you quoted in your narrative. This should be presented in APA format. Remember to use the “ED 431” category for your blog post.
  4. Once your post has been reviewed and revised, publish it in your portfolio on a page titled “Web Presence.”

Scoring Guide

 0 Points  Not Acceptable  Acceptable  Target
Writing Standards Assignment is not completed Spelling, style, or usage errors are present; APA styles for references and citations are not followed No spelling or usage errors are present; APA styles for references and citations are followed
Reflection   Definition is poorly supported by reading or cited resources; not all elements are addressed, or some elements are addressed superficially or incompletely All questions are addressed adequately and supported by reading or cited resources; personal perspective is addressed basically Statement is original and strongly supported by by reading or cited resources; reflection is complete, thorough and thoughtful; personal perspective is thoughtful and well-represented